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Medium removed Arthur Hayes essay

Medium is often accused of unfairly censoring articles on relevant topics. Today they blocked Arthur Hayes’ last essay, The Denominator. In it, he took a hard look at the American economy and the financial system as a whole.

Medium was once a popular platform for free opinion. Here often the leaders of the crypto industry publish their opinions and share ideas. In addition, on Medium, many startups publish information about their updates, token sales, bounty programs, add roadmaps and other news.

In addition, blogs from other areas appear on the platform. And they are often censored too. So, recently the well-known military observer Tom Cooper was blocked here. Now he publishes front-line reports on the Substack service.

Arthur Hayes also moved his essays to Substack.

Arthur Hayes is a frequent critic of the traditional financial system. He draws attention to the fact that countries have accumulated a huge debt. Now they will pass it on to ordinary people. But there is also a way out of the arbitrariness of the authorities – it is reasonable to invest in cryptocurrency, gold and other independent assets.

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