Medvedev: Russia Waging Holy War Against Satan – We Are Fighting Madmen, Drug Addicts and Nazis

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The former president of Russia called the Russian invasion of Ukraine a “holy war against Satan”. Dmitry Medvedev while he warned that Moscow could send all its enemies “to the eternal fires of Hell”.

From the Russian invasion of Ukraine tens of thousands of people have been killed. This is Russia’s biggest confrontation with the West since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when the Cold War superpowers came to the brink of nuclear war.

“Moscow is fighting in Ukraine with madmen, drug addicts and Nazis”

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Medvedev, who presented himself as a liberal modernizer during his presidency from 2008 to 2012, said Moscow was fighting in Ukraine with “crazy, drug-addicted Nazis” backed by the West, “who are drooling over their jaws from depravity”.

Ukraine and the West have repeatedly rejected President Vladimir Putin’s claims that Ukraine is ruled by fascists who persecute Russian speakers. Instead, they characterize him war barbaric land grab by Moscow.

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In his message on the occasion of the Day of National Unity, Medvedev said that the country’s goal is to “stop the supreme leader of Hell, whatever name he uses – Satan, Lucifer or Iblis (S.T.S.: the leader of of devils in Islam)’.

Medvedev, who is currently vice-president of the Security Council, emphasized, as reported by the Athens News Agency, that the Russia possesses various weapons, while also having the ability to “send all our enemies to the fiery Hell”.

Since the war began, Medvedev’s rhetoric has become increasingly strident, even though his public positions are sometimes in line with the thinking of the highest echelons of the Kremlin elite.

Satan’s weapons, Medvedev concluded, are “artful lies. And our weapon is the truth. This is also the reason why our case is just. This is why we will win! Happy Holidays”.

Source: News Beast

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