Meeting Ad. Georgiadis and Chr. Dima with the Director General for Research & Innovation of the EU

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The Minister of Development & Investments Mr. Adonis Georgiadis and the Deputy Minister of Development & Investments, responsible for Research and Innovation, Mr. Christos Dimas, had a meeting today with the Director General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet .

The focus of the meeting is the progress that Greece has made in recent years in research and innovation and the investment opportunities presented today in the innovation ecosystem.

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This was followed by a broad meeting at the Ministry of Development & Investments, in which Mr. Dimas and Mr. Pake, the General Secretary for Research and Innovation, Mr. Athanasios Kyriazis, the Special Secretary for the Management of ERDF and TC Programs of the Ministry of Development & Investments, Mr. George Zervos, high-ranking officials of the European Commission, managers and executives of the Greek Greek Orthodox Church and other agencies and Research bodies.

Dominant topics in the working meeting were the policy of strengthening research and innovation in Greece from 2019 until today, the goals set by the European Commission and the political priorities for the formation of the Single European Research Area. Particular emphasis was also placed on the new European initiatives (European Missions, European Partnerships), as well as on reforms and investments in research & development (R&D), through synergies from Horizon Europe, Structural Funds (NSRF) and National resources.

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Mr. Dimas presented the reforms that have been carried out in recent years and pointed out how “the extroversion of the innovation ecosystem in combination with the promotion of the research activity carried out in Greece are now a strategic priority for the Government”.

Then, analyzing statistics and data from the innovation ecosystem, the Deputy Minister stated that “within a period of less than three years, important initiatives have been completed in order to cultivate suitable conditions and the State to provide all the necessary tools so that talented scientists and young entrepreneurs to feel confident that they can be competitive on a global scale from Greece”.

Mr. Pake, for his part, highlighted the importance of research and innovation in the economic development of the EU, emphasized the spectacular improvement that Greece has achieved in recent years in the European indicators of research and innovation and glorified its assistance in shaping the of the Single European Research Area.

At the meeting it was common to find that even greater cooperation between the EU member states in research and innovation is absolutely necessary, in order to cope more effectively with the challenges of our time such as the pandemic, the climate and the energy crisis .

The Minister of Development & Investments, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis pointed out: “I am very proud of our work in these three years and in the field of research and innovation, about which the competent Director General of the European Commission spoke today with extremely warm words, Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet, to whom I especially thank for our constructive cooperation. When, by the decision of the Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in July 2019, the responsibility for research and innovation came under the portfolio of the Ministry of Development & Investments, even and the most optimists could not have predicted the significant progress that Greece would record in such a short period of time, nor certainly that it would attract significant investments from the largest companies at an international level.

Through research and innovation and its link with entrepreneurship, Greece leverages its greatest comparative advantage, its high-level scientific and research potential, attracting investment, creating well-paid jobs and contributing to brain regain, the return of Greek scientists to homeland. These investments, the momentum developed by the rapidly developing Greek research and innovation ecosystem and the significant rise of our country in all relevant EU indicators constitute the solid ground for our next initiatives within the framework of the EU’s general directions and give us the ability to look to the future with realistic optimism”.

The Deputy Minister of Development & Investments, Mr. Christos Dimas stated the following: “Today, we held a broad working meeting with the Director General of the EU Directorate General for Research & Innovation, Jean-Eric Paquet, in which all the issues on the agenda concerning the aid of the area of ​​research and innovation. We talked about the challenges we face at the European level and agreed that it is absolutely necessary for there to be even greater cooperation between the member states in order to cope more effectively. I also thanked him for the excellent cooperation we have and our he said that what everyone now realizes, including in the European Commission, is that Greece has now turned the page, and is an attractive and safe investment destination for research & development.Finally, he emphasized that the State’s initiatives in research and innovation are expected to cause even more more positive impact on the Greek economy and strong growth the next years”.

Source: Capital

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