Meeting Chr. Stylianidis with the CEO of the Superfund

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The Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christos Stylianidis, met today with the CEO of the Superfund, Grigoris D. Demitriadis, who supervises the majority of public enterprises. The meeting focused on the country’s shield against the dangers of climate change. According to a statement from the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, its forces to strengthen its protective infrastructure “.

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At the meeting, Mr. Stylianidis and Mr. Dimitriadis pointed out the need for a rapid response of our country to the emerging dangers due to its special geographical location, with the first step being the strengthening of infrastructure. As Mr. Stylianidis noted, asking for the contribution of the Superfund, the shielding of the country’s infrastructure, but also in general the strengthening of its resilience in a tangible way against the effects of climate change is an absolute priority for the new Ministry of Climate Crisis and Policy . At the same time, Mr. Stylianidis underlined that within the framework of the ministry’s strategy based on the triptych Prevention-Preparedness / Preparation-Resilience, any synergy for this purpose between institutions is valuable.

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For his part, Mr. Demitriadis said he fully agreed, emphasizing that climate change is a critical parameter in the development policy of the Superfund and its subsidiaries. He even added that this is reflected in the strategic plan of the Superfund for the next three years.

Following their meeting, Messrs. Stylianidis and Dimitriadis will sign a memorandum of cooperation in the near future. This will be followed by specializations in cooperation with public enterprises.

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