Meeting of T. Theodorikakou with the rectors for the celebration of the Polytechnic

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The Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, had a meeting with the rector of all the university institutions of Athens today, at the Katehaki mansion, in which the rest of the leadership of the ministry and the leadership of ELAS participated, on the subject of the measures to celebrate the anniversary of the Polytechnic.

It was essentially the first meeting in the planning of the measures, in order to discuss the cooperation of the university community with the police, in order to ensure the smooth conduct of the festive events.

Mr. Theodorikakos, after the meeting clarified that obviously the responsibility for the organization of the celebration lies with the university community and the students, however the Greek Police will “contribute responsibly” throughout the basin and especially in the center of Athens, “so that the celebration to be done with absolute order, calm and peace “.

Everyone’s big concern is the big problem of the coronavirus pandemic that is on the rise and how to control those who visit the Polytechnic to pay tribute.

According to ministry sources, attendance will be normal and the institution will remain open during the celebration, while everyone will be advised to keep their distance, wear masks and take protective measures.

Referring to today’s meeting, Takis Theodorikakos stated:

“We called a meeting today, at the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the rector’s authorities of the universities of the Attica basin, as in a few days the celebration of the 48th anniversary of the great uprising of our students and people against the dictatorship, on November 17, 1973 is imminent. .

There is no doubt that the values ​​of Freedom and Democracy that inspired that struggle are of immense value today, for all democratic societies and for all Greek citizens.

Obviously, the university community and students are responsible for organizing the celebration. We agreed on our very close, substantial and creative cooperation, so that this celebration is unifying and peaceful. The Greek Police will responsibly contribute to measures of order, calm and security for all citizens in the Attica basin and especially in the center of Athens during the days of celebration, so that the celebration takes place in absolute order, calm, peace, respecting the measures against the coronavirus pandemic, which unfortunately continues, so that all citizens are safe. ”

The meeting was attended by the rector of EKPA, Meletis-Athanasios Dimopoulos, the rector of NTUA Andreas Boudouvis and the vice-rector I. Chatzigeorgiou, the rector of the University of Economics Dimitris Bouryntonis of Panteion Christina Koulouris, of Harokopio Maria Nikolaidis and of the University of West Attica Panagiotis Klandis.

As for the measures, as stated by a source of the Ministry of Civil Protection, they will move to last year’s standards, there will be an ELAS alert throughout the basin, but emphasis will be placed on the controls before the celebration and when people attend the Polytechnic, from teams of the Security and other police forces, while immediately after the celebration the institution will be closed and it will be ensured that people do not stay inside or take refuge afterwards.

At the same time, the other university institutions will be closed and guarded.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ


Source From: Capital

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