Meeting on energy: A positive message for energy sufficiency in the country

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By Haris Fludopoulos

Greece presents one of the lowest supply sufficiency risks in Europe provided LNG is available. This is the main conclusion of the extraordinary meeting of the agencies held today at the Ministry of Energy under the responsible minister Kostas Skrekas.

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“If lignites work and with the parallel possibility of working gas-oil plants, Greece has, if not the smallest, one of the smallest risks of supply sufficiency in Europe, provided that there is LNG available”, competent sources say about the meeting.

As for the availability of liquefied natural gas in this market, it is affected by two main factors: firstly, global supply is lower than demand, and secondly, it is still uncertain what Russia will do with its own gas, so the price may at any time of LNG to soar even higher. In this sense, the situation in the liquefied natural gas market is characterized as complicated.

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According to information, during the meeting RAE presented a table with 10 EU countries. which are in a state of warning (warning) including Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Estonia, the Netherlands, while Germany has been placed in a state of vigilance (alert). Greece is the only country showing an encouraging picture in terms of energy sufficiency, but this means that the expectations of neighboring countries such as Bulgaria and Romania to import gas from Greece under international agreements have also increased.

The government’s political decision is to give priority to the domestic market and then, if there are available quantities of gas, to export to neighboring countries. However, once it is confirmed that the domestic market is indeed covered and there are gas surpluses then we are ready to help other countries as well.

In conclusion from the meeting, the conclusion reached was that there is a possibility to meet the energy needs of the Greek market.

Source: Capital

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