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Meg Bellamy, all the style of Kate Middleton in The Crown

Since when Meg Bellamy was cast as Kate Middleton in the eagerly awaited sixth and final season of The Crown, available on Netflix with the first four episodes from November 16th and with the next six from December 16th, the actress has become a darling of fashion system.

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Let’s call him K effect: because really Meg Bellamy went from being a complete stranger to being invited by the major fashion housesspotted in the front row at Dior or events organized by Cartier And Vanity Fair the moment the news spread that she would be the one to take on the fashionable role of William’s wife.

Meg Bellamy. Getty photo

Dave Benett/Getty Images

“I hadn’t even foreseen the fashion side of the matter,” she herself told al The Telegraph, with the genuine amazement of someone who five minutes earlier was shopping at H&M or Primark and who now finds himself wearing Gucci jewelery or clothes from other famous brands. «When I got it the role of Kate Middleton in The CrownI thought that meant I would be doing a lot of filming but I hadn’t considered at all that I would be working with fabulous fashion brands.”

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Brown hair, long and shiny, long neck, elegant gait and bright smile: also to look at the first photos arriving from the set of The Crown, Meg Bellamy seems born to play the young Kate Middelton. Like the Princess of Wales, she too is a girl-next-door from Berkshire (in reality she lives 22 miles from Kate’s home as a young girl) suddenly catapulted into the spotlight.

Meg Bellamy on the set of The Crown. Getty photo

Andrew Milligan – PA Images/Getty Images

Before getting this important role, she had no significant experience in the world of entertainment (her previous job was at Legoland). The rising star of the small screen herself declared that to get the part she simply responded to an online advert (READ: so there is hope for everyone).

business casual the princess’s new style?” class=”external-link external-link-embed__hed-link button” data-event-click='{“element”:”ExternalLink”,”outgoingURL”:”https://www.vanityfair .it/article/kate-middleton-look-power-suit-preppy-style”}’ href=”https://www.vanityfair.it/article/kate-middleton-look-power-suit-preppy-style” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>Kate Middleton, it is business casual the princess’s new style?

Impeccable and repeated power suitspaired classy of blazers and trousers, preppy looks like the total gray one shown a few hours ago. For a few weeks the royal seems to have given a twist – perhaps more formal – to her wardrobe


business casual the princess’s new style?” class=”external-link external-link-embed__image-link” data-event-click='{“element”:”ExternalLink”,”outgoingURL”:”https://www.vanityfair. en/article/kate-middleton-look-power-suit-preppy-style”}’ href=”https://www.vanityfair.it/article/kate-middleton-look-power-suit-preppy-style” rel =”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>

In the last season of The Crown lto twenty-one year old Bellamy she is a young Kate between the years 2001 and 2005, at the time of the University of St. Andrews and the early stages of her relationship with William (who will have the face of Ed McVey), a period in which the couple was not yet in the eye of the storm. Kate Middleton’s style in her college years is quite easy And casual and is faithfully reproduced in the Netflix series.

Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy aka William and Kate on the set of The Crown. Photo Courtesy Netflix

Justin Downing/Netflix

Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy aka William and Kate on the set of The Crown. Getty photo

Andrew Milligan – PA Images/Getty Images

But fashionistas are waiting for just one moment of style from those years: the university fashion show in which Kate wore the famous one sheer dress (which was actually a sheer black skirt) which reportedly made Prince William exclaim to friend Fergus in 2002: “Wow, Kate is sexy.” Love affair which will be philologically recreated, of course.

Kate Middleton’s dress worn in 2002. Photo Getty

Ferdaus Shamim

Returning to Meg Bellamy, in reality his style differs from the always (too) impeccable one of the Princess of Wales: «My icons are on the one hand Villanelle of Killing Eve, whose boldness in colors and shapes I love. But then again Audrey Hepburn, with her bon ton pearls, is certainly among my references”, declared the actress to TheTelegraph. “Before The Crown I dressed like a grandpa with high-waisted pants and sweaters oversized, I’m now lucky enough to have the opportunity to wear brands I never dreamed of wearing before. I really love haute couture: I like both masculine looks and glamorous clothes».

Kate Middleton, and the mystery of the two dresses for the coronation

Did the queen of couture recycling fall into a sin of vanity by having two dresses made for the coronation ceremony of King Charles III? Well, it would seem so. In the face of sustainability…


Getty photo

Marc Piasecki

Getty photo

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Getty photo

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

I mean, Meg Bellamy he channeled the K factor in style, which does not mean being a photocopy of the future British queen. It means having a respectable wardrobe at your disposal, knowing how to wear it with charm. Something certainly not for everyone. After all, there is only one Kate Middleton. Or maybe two. We’ll (very shortly) see.

The Crown 5, here are the jewels that we will see in the highly anticipated Netflix TV series” class=”external-link external-link-embed__hed-link button” data-event-click='{“element”:”ExternalLink”,”outgoingURL”: “https://www.vanityfair.it/gallery/the-crown-5-gioielli-serie-tv-netflix-tiara-revenge-dress”}’ href=”https://www.vanityfair.it/gallery/ the-crown-5-jewels-tv-series-netflix-tiara-revenge-dress” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>The Crown 5, here are the jewels that we will see in the highly anticipated Netflix TV series

From Diana’s engagement sapphire to Elizabeth II’s favorite tiara. These are some of the faithful reproductions worn by actresses Imelda Staunton and Elizabeth Debicki. On the eve of the broadcast, here is a review of real memorabilia between fiction and reality


The Crown 5, here are the jewels that we will see in the highly anticipated Netflix TV series” class=”external-link external-link-embed__image-link” data-event-click='{“element”:”ExternalLink”,”outgoingURL”:” https://www.vanityfair.it/gallery/the-crown-5-gioielli-serie-tv-netflix-tiara-revenge-dress”}’ href=”https://www.vanityfair.it/gallery/the -crown-5-jewels-tv-series-netflix-tiara-revenge-dress” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>

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