Mega-Sena this Saturday (13) can pay R$ 3 million; know how to bet

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Mega-Sena can pay BRL 3 million in this Saturday (13). Caixa Econômica Federal will conduct the draw for the contest 2428 at 8 pm (Brasilia time), at Espaço Loterias Caixa, in São Paulo, with live broadcast on social networks.

Bets can be placed up to one hour before the draw, at 7 pm, at any lottery outlet accredited by Caixa or via the bank’s website or application. The single ticket, with six numbers dialed, costs R$4.50.

In the last draw, for contest 2427, five bets won the R$90 million prize and each one won R$18.1 million.

For games made by Caixa’s website, the minimum amount to bet on Mega-Sena is R$30, whether for a single bet or more than one.

To place a bigger bet, with 7 numbers, the price rises to R$31.50, according to Caixa, the bank responsible for the contest.

Another option to reach the minimum price is to place seven single bets, which together have the same value, R$31.50. Furthermore, the pools, available online, are another option.

According to Caixa, if only one player takes the prize from the main band and invests the entire amount in Savings from Caixa, he will receive more than R$ 60.8 thousand in income in the first month.

If you prefer to invest in real estate, the amount would be enough to buy 37 apartments or commercial rooms for R$ 450,000 each.


One way of betting on Mega-Sena, in addition to individual games, is to form a group to choose the numbers, called Bolão.

Upon being registered in the system, the bet generates a share receipt for each participant, who can redeem their share of the prize individually.

Pools have a minimum value of BRL 10 and each share must be at least BRL 5, being possible to make a pool of at least two and a maximum of 100 shares.

The player can also acquire shares of raffles organized by lottery companies. Just ask the attendant for the amount of shares you want and keep the receipt to check the bet on the day of the draw.

In this case, an additional service fee of up to 35% of the fee may be charged, at the lottery’s discretion.


The gross premium corresponds to 43.35% of the collection. From this percentage:

  • 35% are distributed among the correctors of the 6 numbers drawn (Sena);
  • 19% among 5 number correctors (Quina);
  • 19% among the correctors of 4 numbers (Quadra);
  • 22% are accumulated and are distributed to the winners of the 6 numbers in the 0 or 5 final competitions.
  • 5% are accumulated for the first track – sena – of the last contest of the year with final 0 or 5 (Mega da Virada).


If there is no winner in any range, the value accumulates for the next competition, in the respective prize range.

Prizes expire 90 days after the drawing date. After this period, the amounts are transferred to the national treasury for application in the Financing Fund for Higher Education Students (Fies).

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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