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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton “were pushed to dress like Lady Diana”

Cosplay is one Japanese word which arises from the merger of costume (costume) And play (interpretation): usually identifies those who, for fun or pastime, he dresses up from a character, often linked to video games, comics or films. In the new book of the real expert Omid Scobietitled Endgamethe term is instead linked to a person who has left an indelible memory at Buckingham Palace: the iconic Lady D.

«For the last thirteen years, cosplay as Diana has become a staple in the Windsor household”, reads an excerpt reported by Page Six. «Kate And Meghan they regularly replicated the late princess’ historic looks, often wearing accessories that belonged to her», points out Scobie, former author of Finding Freedomthe biography unofficial of the Sussexes. «A huge effort, sometimes beyond all limits».

«If there were gentle pushes by others? Sometimes yes”, clarifies the writer. «It is known that there were those who took out old images of Diana to find ideas. Sure, it may seem like it a sweet gesturebut there’s also a queasy feeling when you realize it’s often orchestrated within the same system which contributed to its collapse. An institution that wants that the splendor of Diana is passed on to them.”

That is, up Kate and Meghanwhich actually in the book – subtitle: Inside the battle for the survival of the monarchy – are treated marginally compared to other Crown characters. In fact, some sentences stand out William«more and more comfortable with dirty tricks of Palazzo», and on Carlo«failed father and cheating husband», described as at odds with each other, unlike what many other reports say.

A book that will definitely generate new discussions.

Source: Vanity Fair

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