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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the storm with their charitable foundation: here's what happened

Welcomed like two stars in Nigeria, complete with the British national anthem played in their honor (who knows what Elizabeth II would have said) Meghan Markle and the Prince Harry they face new concerns in these hours. At the center of the controversy (and gossip) is theirs Archewell Foundation, labeled as «delinquent» from the office of California Attorney General Rob Bonta. According to the documents, Archewell was ordered to stop raising money and spending it because he was not provided with the annual operations report that charitable foundations owe the state, nor did the Sussexes pay the annual tax owed to California.

King Charles did not want to meet Harry because “the reunion with his son, now that he is ill, would have stressed him too much”
According to a royal biographer, the sovereign needs tranquility to defeat the cancer he has been fighting for months. While appointments with the second child are a certain source of “upset and irritation”

“An organization listed as delinquent is not in good standing and cannot engage in conduct for which registration is required, including requesting or disbursing charitable funds,” the regulation reports, «the Organization could also be subject to sanctions and its registration suspended or revoked by the Registry».

Harry and Meghan will now have to take action quickly, presenting a series of documents certifying the reasons for the delay in payments, but also paying extra due to penalties. The document attesting to the Foundation's problems is public and viewable by anyone on the California Department of Justice website, or now we will have to understand what Harry and Meghan will do.

Archewell's status on the California Register of Associations.

Archewell's status on the California Register of Associations.

According to some sources who spoke with Page Six last Monday, the Sussexes would first ask for a extension, but subsequently a check would be sent to regularize the situation, which mysteriously did not arrive. At that point a second one would have been issued which should resolve the situation. At least that's what the dukes hope, one way or another always in some storm.

Source: Vanity Fair

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