Meghan Markle and “spiritual practice” to help Prince Harry

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The genetic origin of the psychological suffering. The concept expressed two weeks ago by principe Harry within the podcast of Dax ShepardThe Armchair Expert») Generated several controversies, but also a little bit of curiosity. Yes, because even though it might seem like a violent attack on father Carlo, it was actually one broader reflection on the hereditary transmission of certain family dynamics.

“In my life I have experienced some forms of pain, probably due to the pain my parents – in turn – they had sufferedSaid the prince. “Here, I want to make sure I stop this circle of suffering, primarily to protect my son Archie“. Thoughts that, according to the reconstruction of the Daily Mail, they could be the result of conversations with Meghan Markle.

“She was the one who introduced in casa Sussex the idea of ancestral healing», Writes the English tabloid, referring to a ffootprint of healing which goes through the research and analysis of ancestors. Discover your roots, to discover yourself: «The Duchess has learned the importance of generational traumai from mother Doria, who brought her closer to spirituality by bringing her toAgapé International Center».

“Both Meghan and Harry carry a considerable genetic background of pain, now it’s up to them to break the chain, ”added a source. Which he further revealed passion of the former American actress for the tapping (the technique of emotional release through the solicitation of some points of the physical) and for the Reiki (a spiritual practice of Japanese origin, also based on the touch of hands).

Trust inhealing energy, therefore, to find “serenity and balance “.

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