Meghan Markle “couldn’t afford” the $15 million Montecito mansion

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The Netflix documentary, Harry’s biography and podcast weren’t enough Archetypes. Meghan Markle she continues to talk about herself and the thousands of situations she’s been in with Prince Windsor by her side.

In particular, in one new interview with The Cut, the Duchess of Sussex spoke about the delicate period of finding a new home together, away from the United Kingdom. What shocked listeners was a statement Meghan made regarding the mansion Montecito where they live now: «We weren’t sure we could afford it».

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Harry and Meghan Markle, the latest fake: the docuseries villa is not theirs (but a much more luxurious one)
The Dukes of Sussex did not film the series in the villa where they really live in Montecito but in the most opulent residence in the Californian district. The reason? According to some royal observers, they want to look even richer than they are

Described as «a mix between a classic Tuscan villa, a Napa Valley vineyard and a Beverly Hills country club», Meghan and Harry’s property is located in California, a Montecito, location of residence of many celebs. “We were looking around this area and this house kept showing up in searches online,” Meghan explains when asked about their move away from London.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle considered ‘the poor of Hollywood’
The dukes can count on a millionaire nest egg and yet according to the legendary English journalist Tina Brown their assets are negligible compared to the fortunes of their Californian neighbors. Even their $14 million mansion in Montecito, compared to the mansions of the super rich, “is a humble cottage”

He then adds that at first they weren’t convinced about visiting the house, because they didn’t have a job on paper (they had just given up their real roles) and the price of the villa reached almost 15 million of dollars. “It seemed impossible to have it. It’s like when I was younger and I longed to shop windows, like when you don’t want to see the things you know you can’t afford. It made me feel very bad to remember these things» tells Meghan Markle a The Cut.

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