Meghan Markle, from gender equality to parental leave: “My letters, for just causes”

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They told her that if she wants to interact with the american congress he must give up his royal title. They accused her of political interference, that is, to put pressure on some senators using even private channels. In short, they invited her to do it their own business, leaving to the competent – and democratically elected – bodies the task of to legislate and execute. But to stop Meghan Markle it takes much more: after listening, collecting and reflecting, the Duchess of Sussex has decided to go to counterattack.

“I’ve spent a lot of time out of the way United States: I lived seven years in Canada for work, then I moved to UK and I came back here recently », began the former actress, guest of the event DealBook Online Summit organized by New York Times. «As a mother of two children, I see that my country is among the six in the world that does not offer no paid parental leave: it is simply absurd ». And for this wrote a letter a Chuck Schumer, head dem in the Senate, e Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House.

“I haven’t changed, I used to the same approach even as a young man: at 11 I saw something wrong on TV, like that I took a pen and paper to try to change things “. The reference is to the commercial for a dishwashing detergent judged to be sexist, removed from the Procter & Gamble after Meghan’s surgery. “Now as then I think I write a letter or pick up the phone to try to change things is a logical behavior to support causes which I believe right. It is not politics, it is a question humanitarian».

“We all agree, I hope, that people have need support, even more so when they just have had a baby“, he added. “Harry and I have a five-month-old baby and the luxury, both as a mother and a father, of being able spend time with him. Give the right value to American families it would be preparatory to economic growth and at the same time protect a sacred moment like being with your children “. Among other things, even at this juncture, Meghan noted inequalities between men and women.

«Culturally we are training women who in ambition they see negative outlines, ”said the Duchess speaking with Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments. «I believe 60% of the female gender he would rather talk about the details of his own death than the money. Something is changing and we are making progress in the right direction, but it is essential to support each other between women. Not only encourage yourself in front of episodes of discrimination, but also be guided by those who have more experience ».

And Meghan, in this, is an example: back in California he founded the Archwell Foundation and entered into millionaire agreements with Netflix e Spotify. «At the age of eight I was already manufacturing and selling hair ties»Revealed Meghan, who showed off a poppy on the jacket to celebrate the Memorial Day. “With my mother I went to the shops to collect pieces of fabrics, then I sold the finished work: five rubber bands for five dollars. And the feeling that I had invested in myself and been rewarded was source of pride».

In conclusion, Meghan spoke for the first time about the battle in court against the Mail on Sunday, won last spring. “It’s a cause that has been going on since before I became a mom. An arduous process, but we return to the starting point: when in your head you recognize the difference between right and wrong, you have to fight to defend what you think is right. And that’s exactly what it is I’m doing it».


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