Meghan Markle, no reconciliation with her family: “Zero dialogue”

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When i Sussex have left London to move to United States, many were convinced that Meghan would have slowly re-established relations with his family. Geographic proximity – i Markle they all live in California or not far away – however, it did not give the hoped-for results: indeed, according to what was revealed by a relative of the Duchess a Fox News, there would be no chance of reconciliation.

«She chose to step away, it’s as if he feels superior, di another social class, so I guess we’ll never talk again, ”says the member of Markle house, who prefers to remain anonymous. “We have no intention of chasing a person that does not even seek a dialogue. I think it’s wrong to pretend what you are not only to be loved or accepted: we are a family and we are happy so”.

No meeting planned, therefore, to make the neonata Lilibet Diana to uncles and cousins ​​Markle: «First it has to be organized a meeting con i Winfrey», Concluded ironically Meghan’s relative, highlighting once again the distance which now separates the Duchess from the rest of her men family members. Except for the mother, Doria Ragland, still a fundamental figure in the life of the former actress.

The position of his father, Thomas, who is second, is quite different the reconstructions he hasn’t talked to his daughter since spring 2018, before royal wedding in which he did not participate due to a health problem. He therefore never met the little Archie, born in May 2019: «I hope one day to be able to see my nephewsHe said a few months ago to the CBS, commenting on the second pregnancy of Meghan.

A desire that seems destined for remain so for a long time to come.

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