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Meghan Markle queen on the red carpet, London is just a memory

On the red carpet of Variety‘s Power of Women, organized every year to celebrate the powerful women elected by the magazine of the same name, Meghan Markle she was absolute queen. Extremely elegant, available to photographers and journalists, she has demonstrated that she knows the rules of the game well, perfectly at ease in what, after all, has always been her world: Hollywood. The Duchess of Sussex revealed to the press what her favorite moment of the Christmas holidays is: may his children enjoy every moment.

Christmas is still a little away, but the next holidays will certainly be in California, a safe distance from London. And if the Prince Harry, who did not accompany his wife on the red carpet (but which, royal watchers assure, would not remain to be seen The Crown) inevitably still has many things pending with her former life, Meghan Markle has left it well behind her.

To reveal it to People it was Omid Scobie, a journalist very close to the Sussexes and author of Endgame, book coming out on November 28th which is already causing discussion, in London and beyond. «Meghan is focused on the future and on her family with Harry, she has distanced herself from the royal family», the author told the magazine, «She wants nothing to do with any of this. Harry, however, still has unfinished business». Unavoidable. Markle has never liked court rules, Harry had to reinvent his life in America, and it seems that he hasn’t completely succeeded yet. For Scobie, however, it is not affection that binds the prince to his former life, but the legal battles with the tabloids: «His challenge will be to find something that balances all this so that we can see him work in a space that it is not connected to ties with the past.”

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Harry remained in contact with his father; the two spoke on the occasion of the king’s recent birthday, and Meghan and the children also wished him well. The greatest distance today is that between Harry and his brother William. The latter calls him a “deserter”, for turning his back on his family and revealing private facts in his book, Spare. Almost a year after the publication, the relationships between the two brothers are more tense than ever, perhaps irremediably compromised.

Source: Vanity Fair

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