Meghan Markle, the accusation of the stepsister: “He had to postpone the royal wedding”

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«Meghan Markle she should have postponed her marriage to the prince Harry“. This is the first sensational attack to the duchess who comes from “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister: Part 1», the hot one family biography written by his half-sister Samantha: «Our father had had a heart attack a few days earlier, she had to slip the royal wedding to allow him to participate ».

An accusation bordering onabsurd but – according to the report of Sunexplained and motivated from the author: «It seems unreasonable, but the royal family – if he wanted to – would have the means to move the ceremony“. Samantha, 56 and confined to a wheelchair, attacks the stepsister even for some ambivalent phone calls to dad Thomas: «One day I saw him shocked, so I asked him the reason why».

“He replied that Meghan was behaving in a strange way, it looked like two people different: when Harry was near, she showed up gentle and sweet; as soon as she was left alone, instead, was transformed and tried to command it“. Phrases that, according to a source of Vanity Fair UK, they do not generate concern in the Sussex house: ‘The Duchess does not see her sister for over ten years, why should he be anxious. “

“Indeed, to be honest, the two women they hardly know each other“. Yet in recent years Samantha has periodically threatened to write a book in which he would reveal familiar truths, including Meghan’s childhood: «It is a social climber», He said in the past,« one day I will tell everything ». That day has arrived and it also seems that the author already has almost done the second part as well.

On the site of Barnes and Noble the product is categorized as best-seller: who knows if even Meghan will order iton copia. To take note of all the criticisms that are moved and maybe – one day – replicate point by point.

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