Meghan Markle, the first words after giving birth (and “the photo of the daughter on WhatsApp”)

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“Although this project started as a simple love letter to my husband and son, I am happy to see that the topics covered they involve communities all over the world “. Meghan Markle, despite being in maternity leave after the arrival of the second child, she exceptionally broke up public silence to thank fans for supporting his recent children’s book, «The Bench».

«The search for a more world compassionate and fair it begins with fundamental values ​​such aslove, the representation and theinclusion», Reads a short press release from the Duchess which appeared on the F websiteondazione Archewell. «At the same time, I believe to telland another side of masculinity – rooted between interdependence, emotion and softness – both shape the world as many would like it ».

“Thanks for supporting me in this special work», Concluded Meghan, who is at the top of the Ranking bestsellers drawn up by New York Times, category «Picture books“. Among the various designs, it even appears little Lilibet Diana, portrayed by the artist Christian Robinson in the arms of his mother, who wanders through a vegetable garden with a hat on her head, a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

A debut in graphic form, waiting for the one in flesh and blood. Meanwhile, the Sussexes seem to have shared a first photo of the daughter on Whatsapp group of the Windsor house: “They sent it through a chat to some members of the royal family», says the report by Entertainment Tonight. Who – in addition to William, Kate Middleton e the Queen Elizabeth – received the shot, it is not known.

For sure almost everyone – even a Buckingham Palace – for now they have to settle for sketch su «The Bench».

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