Home Entertainment Melania Trump is back (and her looks of disappointment too)

Melania Trump is back (and her looks of disappointment too)

Melania Trump is back (and her looks of disappointment too)

While Jill Biden was walking through Rome alongside Serena Draghi, during a break from the Roman G20, the former First Lady is back in public alongside her husband. Melania e Donald Trump attended a World Series baseball game in Atlanta, and while the Atlanta Braves faced the Houston Astros, Melania, for a moment, went back to “old habits”: the cameras saw her smiling earlier, next to the ex president, and a split second later turn away, raising your eyes to the sky.

The social media did not hold back: “Melania’s expressions of disappointment are back», It was read on Twitter. “Who else has the feeling that Melania can’t stand the sight of her husband?” Added former Obama campaign leader Jon Cooper.

In fact, at the time of the White House, the times that the former model were countless she refused to shake hands to her husband Donald Trump during a public outing. The most famous? On May 22, 2017, upon arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel, for a state visit, as they walked away at the end of an official ceremony, the American president tried to shake hands with his wife, who reacted by giving him a kind of resentful slap on the hand, and then ignoring it.

As reported by the Daily Mail, it’s the first time the two have seen each other together in public since last April. The couple, after leaving the White House last January, moved to Palm Beach, Florida. The Donald’s plans? The former president recently launched a new social media app, and has never completely ruled out the possibility of a presidential race in 2024. According to the latest rumors, Melania would be “Cold and distant”, against her husband despite the “Great happiness” for his life after the White House.

The moment we saw her most serene, in fact, was the moment she left Washington, and a role she never wanted to fully embrace. Since the days of Rosalyn Carter all former first ladies devote their efforts to advancing the causes they have worked on during their time in the White House. Melania, from what it seems so far, may be the only one (besides Pat Nixon) who did not want to carve out a public role in retrospect.




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