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Meloni appoints his sister in charge of Fratelli d’Italia

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Archive the bucket, we’re back. To carry on with the work Giorgia Meloni, who promised active policies for the family for a year, hired Arianna, her sister, just to regulate the Brothers (of Italy) whom he trusts and does not trust. You appointed her plenipotentiary of the party, lady of the secretariat, of the cards, of the Foundation, of the real estate assets, 200 million euros at a rough guess. And with the task of breaking the backs of the nascent currents. Without forgetting that, as the wife of Francesco Lollobrigida, Arianna will be able to use the domestic bollard every time the Minister of Agriculture opens his mouth again, yesterday on the replacement
ethnicity, today on the poor who eat better than the rich, this explains the queues at Caritas and the emptiness at the Montecitorio buvette, where Piero Fassino barely eats.
Summer has given us portents and torments. After the double and triple suicides in prison, the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, a former magistrate who hates magistrates, compared the suffering of a suicidal mother in Turin prison to that of Hermann Göring, Hitler’s right-hand man, who killed himself with cyanide in Nuremberg prison. “The burdens of grief are inscrutable,” said Nordio, not from a beer hall table but at a press conference, washed and combed and ironed.
We heard Minister Eugenia Roccella, grew up, by her admission, in the apnea of ​​a devastated family, and therefore minister of the department of the same name, promise to raise the birth rate among Italian dodgers. And to do so he approved immediately after the abolition of funds for nursery schools provided for by the Pnrr. There will be nine months to try again. Patience also for the cuts to public health, Roccella’s mothers-to-be will remain on the waiting list for two years for a mammogram.
To be governed by «proud and sovereign patriots» it was the most expensive and most anti-Italian summer ever: we have reduced aid to the poor, told the municipalities to make do with the immigrants and with the mud from the floods. And together we have increased mortgages, trains, planes, ferries, hotels and most of all the taxes on petrol, since it costs almost double a litre, even though oil has halved.
On the other hand, we lulled ourselves on the shore with the nonsense of a certain General Vannacci, who parachuted down to fight “international gay lobbies”, comparing himself to Julius Caesar, but without knowing that the emperor, in his time, those lobbies he wielded from his sexually multipole triclinium. Salvini and the League promptly applauded both ignorance and homophobia.
What else? Ah yes, the fires. 62,000 hectares of coasts and forests have gone to ashes. And we, distracted by so much summer politics, and love of country, didn’t have time to find enough rangers, Canadairs and buckets to put them out. But it’s the fault of the globalist climate, not ours.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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