Meloni: “I’m not afraid of choices that are not considered popular”

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The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, referred today to the priorities of her government, on the occasion of the presentation of her party’s candidates for the regional elections of Lombardy, with Milan as its capital. This local election, like that of Lazio (the region with Rome as its capital), will take place on February 12 and 13.

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“We’re running a marathon, not a hundred meter race, I’m not afraid of unpopular choices. I’m interested in the data on the economy, productivity and fertility, as they will shape up over the next five years,” said Meloni.

The Italian prime minister added that the adoption of the presidential system of government remains a priority for the governing coalition she leads. “We will start a dialogue with everyone, but this is a goal we want to achieve,” added the head of the Italian government.

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With reference to the economic data of the last weeks, Meloni underlined that “the srpend does not exceed 182 points and in the Milan stock market things have gone very well”.

“We are facing a complicated period, but this whole scenario should not deprive us of the possibility to look to the future with optimism: from the management of the crisis we must manage to pass to a phase of ambitious plans, with the courage that long-term planning requires “, said the president of the Brothers of Italy and prime minister of the country.

Finally, Georgia Meloni underlined that “the priority of her government is economic development” and that “it is going to move at a rapid pace”.

Source: News Beast

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