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Members of rescue groups are accused of molesting minors in the earthquake-stricken regions of Morocco

The National Committee for Coordinating Measures to Combat and Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings monitored a series of posts, messages, images and conversations circulating on social media that contained content offensive to minor children, victims of deadly earthquake that hit Morocco.

Activists on social media denounced the behavior of rescue teams found in the affected villages, members of which allegedly molested underage girls. There have even been cases of people offering orphaned children for illegal adoption on social media, while other videos show a man taking pictures with underage girls and asking them if they are good at housework, according to the ERT.

The reaction of civil society organizations was immediate they request the intervention of the authorities in order to protect children from dangers such as kidnapping, sexual harassment and rape. The competent Moroccan authorities, for their part, submitted the monitored cases to the relevant judicial authorities and also made available to them a toll-free number to report criminals and potential victims of human trafficking.

The National Committee for Coordinating Measures to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings added in a statement that these practices “are among the crimes and offenses punishable by law, the perpetrators of which are subject to severe indemnity.” Morocco is expected to ask for his help United Nations Organization “today or tomorrow” to support survivors of the powerful earthquake that struck the country last week, the head of the UN’s emergency services said today. “We expect and hope – based on discussions with the Moroccan authorities – that the request for assistance will be sent today or tomorrow…I want to say…very soon,” Martin Griffiths, the UN humanitarian coordinator, told a news conference. in Geneva.

Source: News Beast

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