Memo Remigi and the second youth: TV, dance, and that love with Barbara D’Urso

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Tweet, dance, play, even do the wheel. At 83 years old. The pension is not part of the programs Memo Remigi which, after being rediscovered by Diego Bianchi’s band in past editions of Propaganda Live, this fall is experiencing a new season of television hits on Rai Uno: in the daily program Today is another day, in which he is a regular guest of Serena Bortone, and then every Saturday evening at the house of Milly Carlucci, in the now historical dancing with the Stars, where he goes wild together with the dancer Maria Ermachkova. The public loves him, the critics too. And he is very happy with it. He just reiterated this in an interview with Corriere della Sera, in which he makes a review of his second youth with the irony that has distinguished him since he was a presenter of plays at school as a child. “I rediscovered myself as a kid, ”said the singer. «The word” now “must come out of the vocabulary of us elderly, life must be lived fully to the end».

And he definitely does it every day, even bearing the weight of great pain. Like the loss of his beloved wife Lucia, who passed away in January of this year, after a 55-year long union, although interspersed with a divorce. Because, he says, of Barbara D’Urso.

To the presenter of Afternoon 5 Memo has been linked 4 years, relationship started when she was 19 and he 39: “We lived in a studio apartment near Piazza Napoli,” said the singer. «Barbara had just arrived in Milan, naive, inexperienced in life, I was her mentor, I taught her a few things, I protected her from certain circles, in fact I saved her. I took her with me on private TVs, I explained to her how to move, how to talk, many of my colleagues tried to help her, knowing that she was my girlfriend. Pippo Baudo took it to Sunday In».

It is not the first time that the singer tells of this love that prompted his wife Lucia to throw him out of the house (“And he did well”, he recalls today, “he understood that it was not a one-night stand”). But the direct interested party was quick to deny: “A true, real love story” there was but it was not betrayal, Barbara D’Urso had already specified last February: «I have never in my life been in a relationship with a man who had a wife who was waiting for him at home. This gentleman’s wife at that time had been separated for years, as everyone knows, and had another boyfriend. Qso, hearing “I cheated on my wife for Barbara d’Urso” is something that hurts me. It hurts me because I have educated my children with respect, for everyone’s wives and husbands. “

This time no new denial has yet arrived. But from that story more than 40 years have passed, during which the marriage of Memo and Lucia had been recovered and Barbara D’Urso had a dazzling career proving that she did not need any protection. All in all – paraphrasing the old adage – on this occasion a nice silence has been written. At least on her part.


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