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Men are arrested after transmitting HIV during sexual abuse in Manaus

Two men, aged 21 and 31, were arrested in Manaus after sexually abusing minors and transmitting the HIV virus to them.

The arrests are the result of operation Carimbadores, launched on the 10th, which takes its name from what the criminals called themselves. The expression means transmitting the HIV virus without the other person's knowledge

Delegate Joyce Coelho, head of the Specialized Police Station for Child and Adolescent Protection (Depca), said that the investigations began around two years ago, following an anonymous complaint.

“The complainant had access to conversations between two men who discussed the alleged rapes and also about being people living with HIV. In this way, they intentionally committed these abuses with the aim of transmitting the virus”, stated Joyce Coelho.

At the time, the investigation was not completed because the police had not been able to access the suspects' cell phones. In December 2023, new investigations were initiated at the request of the Public Ministry of Amazonas with information received by the Federal Police (PF).

“Both will be responsible for the crimes of rape of a vulnerable person and sexual exploitation in the form of child pornography. They will undergo a custody hearing and will be available to the courts”, concluded the delegate.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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