Mercadante announces career employee for BNDES board

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The future president of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), Aloizio Mercadante, announced on Wednesday night (11) that Helena Tenório, a career employee at the development institution, will be the director responsible for the human resources and operations.

With the announcement, made in an interview with journalist Míriam Leitão, eight members of the future board have already been appointed. There is still one vacancy — according to the BNDES statute, the board is made up of the president and nine other members.

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An economist, Helena Tenório has been an employee of the BNDES since 1998. She is currently head of the Department of Indirect Operations and Microcredit. In 2018, she was superintendent of Communication and Institutional Relations.

Vice-president of the board of the Novo Clube de Paris, an entity dedicated to developing the “knowledge economy” agenda, she should act in promoting the increase in diversity of the BNDES’ staff.

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In the interview with GloboNews, Mercadante showed concern about the issue. “We’re going to have, out of the nine directors, four women,” she said. According to the future president, Tenório worked on a women’s commission within the BNDES.

“Now, when I look at the participation of black people, it is 1.6% (of the total number of employees). Together with pardos, (rises to) 4.6%. It doesn’t, practically. And no senior positions in the bank. There is not a black superintendent in the history of the bank. I held the first meeting in history with black people. Let’s do this promotion. We are going to train a bank, which is highly valued in the market, just for black men and women,” said Mercadante, noting that there are no black CEOs in the financial sector.

“We are going to have a contest with affirmative action to increase the presence”, he added.

Most of the members of the future board were announced at a meeting between Mercadante and businessmen in São Paulo, on December 21st.

They are: Alexandre Abreu, former CEO of Banco Original, who also chaired Banco do Brasil (BB) between 2015 and 2016; economist José Luis Gordon, president of the Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation (Embrapii); Natalia Dias, who is CEO of Standard Bank Brasil; Luciana Costa, president in Brazil of the French investment bank Natixis; and Luiz Navarro, Chief Minister of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) between March and May 2016.

Before this meeting with businessmen, Mercadante had already confirmed the nominations of two former ministers of PT administrations: Nelson Barbosa and Tereza Campello.

There is still no definition on when and where (whether at the bank’s headquarters, in Rio, or in Brasília) Mercadante’s inauguration ceremony will take place in charge of the bank. Last week, on Thursday and Friday, the former minister already worked at the BNDES headquarters in Rio. His adviser informed that he will move to Rio, to work, primarily, at the institution’s headquarters.

Source: CNN Brasil

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