Merger of Domokos SA and Epirus SA of the Optima Group

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Four years after the acquisition of Domokos SA from Optima SA, the company is proceeding with its merger with the dairy industry Epirus SA, also a company of the Optima Group.

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Since 2017, when it acquired Domokos SA, producer of the popular cheese “Katiki Domokou Orines Plagies”, Optima has systematically invested in the development of this emblematic PDO cheese, with the aim of optimizing its production process and quality control, so that the product to reach consistently fresh to consumers in Greece and abroad. It is worth noting that the total investment of the Optima group in Domokos is of the order of 14 million euros.

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Today, in the context of the implementation of the strategic planning of the group and with the aim of creating further economies of scale in production and operation costs, Domokros SA. merges with Epirus SA.

Thus, Epirus SA now has three state-of-the-art production units, in three different zones of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO): Feta and Kefalograviera in Arta, Kasseri and Manouri in Elassona, Katiki Domokou in Domokos.


Source From: Capital

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