Merkel Expresses Grave Concern Over the Distribution of The COVID-19 Vaccine to the Poor Countries

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Angela Merkel, the German Councilor recently expressed her grave concern over the progress with which the vaccine for COVID-19 is being developed, and moreover, she was worried for the poor countries who will receive the vaccine after a very long time. In the recently held virtual G20 Global Summit that was hosted by Saudi Arabia this year, Merkel said that this issue needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. She expressed her disappointment with the fact that the distribution of the COVID vaccine to poor, under-developed, and developing countries is very slow.

Angela Merkel said at the summit that she will speak with GAVI, the global vaccine alliance to know when the negotiations about the vaccine distribution plans for the poor countries will take place? She does not think much has happened in this regard as such.

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The UK and the US are on the verge of creating a vaccine already that is going to be available by the 2nd week of December 2020


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Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna have shown some great results with the development of a vaccine for COVID-19. As per some sources, these vaccines will be available anywhere in December 2020. Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the head of the COVID vaccine program recently told that by 11th December, the vaccine will be available for US citizens.

But some researchers from Duke University believe that poor nations may receive the vaccine after four years. That is a very long period because it means that all the billions of people in those nations will remain un-immunized for such a long time.

Angela Merkel’s concern makes sense now. Because on the other hand, all the rich countries have already purchased or will purchase the vaccine the minute it is out in the market.


World’s richest nations promise to support poor countries


It was important to raise this issue in the G20 Global Summit where all the leaders from the world’s richest nations were present. Although most of them did promise to lend their support to poor countries whose conditions have further declined because of the COVID pandemic crisis, whether their support will be monetary funding or something related to them receiving a proper vaccine for COVID- is not clear.

However, the participants of this summit have generally pledged to take care of the financing that is required for the production and distribution of the vaccine. They even pledged to ensure that the vaccine will be distributed fairly amongst all nations along with the provision of any testing and treatments related to COVID.

The Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan recently said in a news conference that leaving any nation behind from receiving test kits, treatments, and now the vaccine also for COVID is out of the question.

The French President also urged the participants of the G20 Global Summit to be more supportive of financing and aiding the poor nations so that everyone in the world receives the COVID vaccine sooner than later.

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