Merkel: Erdo στάan’s stance is a step backwards and deviates from UN resolutions

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The Statements by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on the Cyprus issue German Chancellor Angela Merkel comments on “backwardness” and “deviation from United Nations resolutions”.

“We should not be discouraged by such setbacks” The chancellor pointed out, as broadcast by the Athenian News Agency.

Answering a question about the “failure of the negotiations” due to the Turkish stance, Ms. Merkel noted that it is her principle not to talk about failure in negotiations. “There is progress and setback”, he said characteristically and added that “the exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey have fortunately resumed, there was also a meeting between the Greek Prime Minister and the Turkish President”.

“We have always argued that the channels of communication in Greek-Turkish relations should remain open. we have already achieved some smaller steps. “These (steps) are becoming more difficult now, because regarding Cyprus, the Turkish president, in deviation from the UN resolutions, focuses exclusively on a two-state solution, something that is certainly not accepted by the Greek Cypriot side,” he said. the chancellor.

“Here we must now try to steer the talks under the auspices of the UN, with a lot of patience – and this is a difficult job – in the right direction. “This was definitely a setback now, but we should not be discouraged by such setbacks.”

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