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Merkel: We still have 3-4 difficult months

“We still have three or four difficult months and then it will be much better. “But every day is difficult,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel during an online conversation earlier today with ten telephone support staff. cases of domestic violence, depression and suicidal tendencies have increased significantly.

However, she assured that the state aid will not stop immediately, as, as she noted, it will take time until the economic situation of the citizens returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Among the Chancellor’s interlocutors were aid workers for women, the elderly, migrants, children and young people. All reported an increase of 20 to 40% in the calls they received, while they reported a corresponding increase in incidents of violence against women and child abuse. «Fear and anxiety have increased“, Said one of the participants, while Mrs. Merkel asked to know if there is an increase in cases of psychological stress due to the ongoing lockdown.

A spokesman for Berlin’s “crisis service” responded by explaining that The number of people who feel lonely and those who express suicidal thoughts has greatly increased. In addition, an elderly support worker told Ms Merkel that many of those vaccinated were disappointed to learn that this did not mean they could return to normal life.

“We have a chance to get out of the current situation, but there will be big problems in the future to return to the pre-pandemic situation,” the Chancellor warned. “The pear has a tail behind it”, one of her interlocutors typically answered her, predicting that “we still have a long way to goAnd many people are in “crisis mode” and still do not realize what they will face in the future, after the end of the pandemic.

The Chancellor, as reported by the correspondent of the Athens News Agency, asked many questions to her interlocutors, as, as she said, she wanted to know as much as possible about the situation in order to take it into account in the planning of the respective policy. “I need to know what works and what doesn’t,” he said.

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