Mermeren Kombinat: Distribution of a gross dividend of 3.42 euros was decided by the General Assembly

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The distribution of a dividend of 3.42 euros (gross) was decided, among others, by the annual Ordinary General Meeting of Mermeren Kombinat, which took place on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at the company’s offices in Prilep. The shareholders who participated or were represented were three (3) and represent 89.37% of the total shares of the company.

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In particular, the regular General Meeting of the company unanimously took the following decisions:

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1. The Annual Accounts of the Company for the period 1 January – 31 December 2021 were approved.

2. The Annual Financial Statements and the report of the independent auditor for the year 2021 were approved.

3. The Report of the Board of Directors on the progress of the Company for the year 2021 was approved.

4. It was decided to distribute the profits of the Company for the year 2021 amounting to 911,863,680 Dinars (14,796,375.00 Euros) as follows:

• Dividend amount of 431,284,017 dinars
• Profits in the new amount of 326,379,663 dinars
• Reinvested profits amounting to 154,200,000 dinars
• Part of the reserves of retained earnings amounting to 37,267,090 Dinars for the year 2020 that was not used in 2021 is transferred to the new profits.

5. It was decided to distribute a dividend as follows:

Article 1

The amount of 988,912,514 Dinars (16,029,054.45 Euros) is distributed as a dividend to shareholders:

• New profits realized until 31 December 2020 amounting to 557,628,497 Dinars (9,038,471.46 Euros).

• Part of the profits for the year 2021 amounting to 431,284,017 Dinars (6,990,582.98 Euros). The amount of the gross dividend per common share is set at 3.42 Euros gross (1 Euro = 61,695 Dinars).

Article 2
The amount of the dividend on the common shares will be distributed in cash.

Article 3
Last trading day with the right to dividend (cum dividend date) is 29/04/2022. First trading day without ex-dividend date is 03/05/2022. The determination date, according to which the list of shareholders entitled to dividend will be determined, is 04/05/2022. The start date for the payment of the dividend is 05/05/2022 and the payment will be made in accordance with applicable law.

With a newer announcement to the holders of EL.PIS. Piraeus Bank (as the issuer of EL.PIS.) will inform about the exact amount of dividend (gross and net) that is due to them, as well as about the exact time and manner of payment of the dividend.

Article 4
The decision will enter into force on the date of its adoption.

6. The activities of the Board of Directors for the year 2021 were approved.

7. The internal audit report for 2021 was approved

The company Grant Thornton DOO has been appointed to audit the financial statements for the year 2022.

Source: Capital

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