Merry Christmas

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It has become a literary genre, but of humorous literature: what can I do, what can I not? I devour those articles, in which we ask ourselves a question and give ourselves an answer. For example, I read this morning, if I am already in a second home but in another region, do I have to wait until January 7 to return? Or, can a family of four, with two children under the age of 14 but over 14, go to their grandparents for Christmas?
I found the information about the police irresistible, who can stop us to find out where we are going but not by whom, and to be precise, they cannot ask us for the name of the host but can ask us for their address.

Humanity has always wondered how it was possible to go from ten commandments to the ten thousand laws of modern nations, and here it is here Covid to explain it to us roughly, like so many other things it has explained to us. How is it possible to pass from two essential and exhaustive laws – outdoor masks and distance even indoors, two strongest laws of the pandemic – and arrive at the Dpcm carnival? The explanations there are, and go through the millennia, a begin with the Tacitus sentence, according to which the laws are very many in the corrupt states, and by corrupt is meant immoral, depraved, and Tacitus attributes corruption to rulers and equally to the governed. And it comes to Murphy’s most recent and rigorous law (if something can go wrong, it will), a philosophical pinnacle: idiots are always more ingenious than the precautions they take to keep them from doing harm. That is, two essential and exhaustive laws would have been enough, but in an intelligent world. Merry Christmas.

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