“Message to Putin”. US bombers flew over all NATO countries – photo

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US strategic B-52 bombers flew over all European NATO countries, accompanied by Allied aircraft along the way. This was reported by the NATO press service.

Allied fighters took to the skies from Florence, Belgium, and Leeuwarden, the Netherlands to meet B-52s in central Europe over Benelux airspace, NATO said.

“At the same time, fighters from Norway and Turkey escorted other US aircraft across the far north and south of the Alliance, demonstrating the breadth of solidarity with NATO,” the statement said.

In addition, an American group of E6-B command and communications aircraft flew from the United States to Canada.

CNN reports that the operation was carried out “in the field of sight of Russia.”

“This is part of a large-scale NATO mission, which includes more than 20 NATO air missions, as a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Two weeks before the summit of US President Biden with Putin, Biden’s timely announcement and NATO wings raised into the sky next to the place where the fighter jet Belarus forced to land a passenger plane raise the heat of tension, “the journalists note.

  • On March 29, NATO reported an “unusual peak in activity” for the Russian Air Force: fighters intercepted Russians 10 times. On April 20, NATO airlifted fighters from bases in Estonia, Lithuania and Poland to track and intercept Russian fighters, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea.
  • On April 20, the United States transferred several dozen F-15 and F-16 fighters to Poland.

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