Messenger Signal launched public testing of payments in the anonymous cryptocurrency MOB

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Privacy-focused messenger Signal introduced the cryptocurrency payments feature in the beta version of the program. Payments are made in anonymous MOB coin.

Currently, a payment system called Signal Payments is available exclusively to British users when installing the beta version of the messenger, available in the Android and iOS app stores. However, after testing on users from Foggy Albion, users from other countries should also have access to the payments function.

“We want Signal messenger payments to be fast, anonymous and work well on mobile devices. Therefore, we were the first to add support for the anonymous payment network MobileCoin and its MOB coins, ”says an article in the company’s blog.

The developers emphasize that thanks to the MobileCoin architecture, Signal employees do not have access to the balances on the accounts of the messenger users, the transaction history, and, moreover, the funds themselves. MOB coins can be easily transferred to other wallets or exchanges. In the future, Signal developers may add support for other sensitive cryptocurrencies.

The MOB cryptocurrency was launched in 2017, but began trading on exchanges only in December 2020. At the same time, MOB has grown 10 times in recent days and reached $ 60 per coin. At the time of publication, the coin is trading at around $ 50. Of the major exchanges, only one FTX exchange supports MOB.

Signal developers were looking into the possibility of integrating MobileCoin at the end of January.

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