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Meta Launches Horizon Worlds Platform in France and Spain

Meta expands its metaverse offerings in Europe – the corporation has announced the launch of one of its metaverse platforms, Horizon Worlds, in Spain and France.

According to Meta, all citizens of these countries over the age of 18 will be able to use the application using one of the virtual reality headsets sold by the company. Horizon Worlds allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual world in which the user is represented by a customizable avatar, navigate through worlds created by other players, as well as master content developed by other companies.

The move is part of an initiative to launch Horizon Worlds in more European countries by 2023. Since 2020, the app has been available to users as a closed beta by invitation only. Last December, the company launched it for users in the US and Canada, and this year Meta has opened up the platform to customers in the UK, Ireland, and Iceland.

Spain is particularly important to the company, as Meta has decided to invest more than a billion dollars to build a giant data center in the Talavera de la Reina area. In addition, a new Meta Workers’ Hub will be built in Madrid, a metaverse lab the company is building in partnership with Telefonica to encourage firms to make products based on the metaverse.

“Spain is at the forefront of European technology. The country benefits from having two strong technology centers: Barcelona and Madrid. As our company prepares to evolve the Metaverse, we are putting Spain at the center of our plans,” said Javier Olivan, VP of Product.

Previously, Meta announced that the Instagram-supported digital collectibles feature will be launched in 100 countries.

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