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MetaMask has released a beta version of the Portfolio app

MetaMask has released a beta version of the Portfolio app

MetaMask has launched a beta version of the Portfolio decentralized application, which will provide additional features to crypto wallet users.

The new Portfolio product from the famous MetaMask crypto wallet is available in the web interface (portfolio.metamask.io), as well as a browser extension and a mobile application. Portfolio can bring accounts and assets from different blockchains together in one place.

Lots of new features in one place

With Portfolio, users can add additional accounts (both offline and hardware wallets) and choose a name of their choice for any of them.

The wallet also allows you to add a friend’s public address or an ENS address. Users will be able not only to add any wallets/addresses, but also to remove them from their list. Basically, with the new app, you can keep track of purchased NFTs and multi-chain assets.

The app is available to everyone – you don’t need to have MetaMask to enjoy Portfolio’s cool features.

MetaMask is not without risks

The platform is expanding and releasing more and more interesting products for users, but do not forget about the risks of the new dApp.

Earlier this year, NordVPN cited a security expert as indicated to a serious privacy flaw related to the leaking of users’ IP addresses. The VPN service noted that an attacker could gain access to the IP address of wallet clients by sending NFTs to MetaMask users who use mobile wallets.

A study by one of the creators of the OMNIA protocol and security expert Alexander Lupascu found a vulnerability in a well-known web3 wallet. It is also noted that users of a cryptocurrency wallet may be at risk of physical threats, as well as the loss of all their digital assets.

Lupascu added that “if the attackers extract more information from the IP address (for example, geolocation, GSM operator, etc.), they can steal the victim’s assets in real life.”

In addition, the platform also bears the risks associated with the hot wallet and browser extensions.

A few months ago, phishing attacks targeted CoinGecko and Etherscan users when scammers tricked users into connecting their MetaMask wallets to a scam NFT site.

At the same time, MetaMask has warned users several times in the past about the possible risks when using its wallets. For example, in April of this year, MetaMask warned users about possible phishing attacks through Apple’s iCloud cloud service after a client lost $650,000 using this type of attack.

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