MetaMask users can connect to Ledger wallets again

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The developers of the MetaMask extension for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain announced the elimination of problems that prevented the connection of Ledger Nano hardware wallets. Interoperability has been hampered since the May update of the Chromium codebase used by Google Chrome, Opera, Brave and many other browsers.

“This change has affected the entire Web3 community. As a result, it became difficult to protect wallets in MetaMask with Ledger Nano, ”the developers note.

Full support for hardware wallets has been restored in MetaMask version 10.5.0. The user needs to make sure that in the advanced settings of MetaMask, the “WebHID” option is set as the preferred Ledger connection type, which should be activated by default. Then follow the normal procedure for connecting your Ledger hardware wallet to MetaMask.

After that, MetaMask should remember the wallet, but if disconnected, it can be easily reconnected without having to stop or cancel transactions. Also, users now have no need to connect through the Ledger Live app, which was used as a temporary solution to the problem.

In addition, MetaMask and Ledger announced a new collaboration aimed at improving security and making it easier to interact with wallets.

Earlier, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin hinted at the possibility of issuing his own MetaMask token.

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