Metronome by NixGame 4.9

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Electronic metronome is a device that plays sound at a specific musical tempo. It is used by musicians as a simulator for training a sense of rhythm. Used when playing music on musical instruments: guitar, violin, drum, piano, synthesizer and others.

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Metronomes are highly accurate in reproducing musical rhythm. The digital metronome has a visual representation of tempo, rhythm, strong and weak beats. Our application is a mobile version of the digital metronome. The application is designed in a modern style – Material Design.

Main functions of Metronome by NixGame:

  • Set the speed of the music tempo.
  • Range is 20 to 300 beats per minute (BPM).
  • Setting the preset number of musical beats.
  • Adjustment of strong beats and weak beats.
  • Choice of sounds.
  • Sound volume setting.
  • Saving current settings (presets).
  • Modern design – Material Design.
  • Switch between light and dark theme.
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