Mexico: Frida Kahlo inspires preparations for Day of the Dead

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“The day of the Dead” or else “The Day of the Dead” is a Mexican celebration where life and death are honored and relatives of the dead invite them to return from the Underworld for a day. On the occasion, therefore, of the celebrations on the 1st and 2nd day of November, the Mexico City has begun to adorn for the occasion.

So far the most impressive exhibits are ten skulls that have appeared in the Mexican metropolis and are inspired by the famous artist, Frida Kahlo. “It is an exhibition based on and inspired by Frida Kahlo’s paintings,” she said Pilar Arista, creator of the exhibits and continued: “somehow I wanted them to mirror life and death. She lived experiences that pushed her very close to death. She lost many children and underwent surgery many times and it is something that can be seen in her painting “.

As the days of celebration approach, which also symbolizes the need for people to continue living, the exhibits increase. In fact, entire villages are working tirelessly to send orders for pinatas and other skeletal structures to the country’s major cities such as Mexico City or Morelia and Guadalajara, but even abroad and of course in the rich TV productions.

In the area Temoia located 13 km from Toluca and 85 from the capital, for example, are considered experts in the construction of skeletons. Among the many designs offered by the creators, are the most famous Her princesses Disney, but also the heroes of the successful film «Coco», like the protagonist Miguel as well as his dog Dante. The film unfolds around her “Day of the Dead” and its importance.

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