Home World Mexico starts charging physical visas for Brazilians from this Thursday

Mexico starts charging physical visas for Brazilians from this Thursday

Mexico starts charging physical visas for Brazilians from this Thursday

O Mexico will require a physical visa for Brazilians from this Thursday (18). Until then, it was possible to enter Mexico for tourist, commercial and cultural purposes with a simple electronic authorization issued through a website.

This electronic system was in place since December last year. Before that, Brazilians could legally enter the country without a visa, just presenting a passport.

According to the Mexican government’s Interior and Foreign Affairs secretariats, the measure aims to “strengthen safe, orderly and regular migration and eradicate disinformation campaigns that profit from migrants.”

The Mexican government recommends that Brazilians do not buy air tickets or any tourist service in Mexico before having a physical visa stamped on their passport.

How to have the physical visa in my passport?

To obtain permission, it is necessary to schedule an appointment at the Mexican Embassy, ​​in Brasília, or at the consulates, in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo through from this site.

With their appointment number, the citizen must go to the place of their choice with the following documents and the listed requirements:

  • Visa form (front and back, on one page) with recent photograph, 3×4 color and white background);
  • Original and copy of current passport;
  • Original and copy of at least one of the following requirements: documents proving that you have employment and paycheck from the last three months or memorandum from the last three months; bank statements for the last three months; proof of ownership of a property;

The Embassy of Mexico in Brazil clarifies that minors must present themselves with both parents to complete the visa application process. If any of them cannot accompany the minor, they must carry out a simple power of attorney, with a notarized signature, granting their consent to carry out the procedure.

The issuance of a Mexican visa costs US$ 48 dollars, around R$ 248 at the current exchange rate. The permit is valid for 180 days from the date of issue – approved visas are delivered the same day as processing in the afternoon.

Cases in which a physical visa is not required:

Brazilians who have a valid and valid visa in Canada, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom or any of the countries of the Schengen Area of ​​the European Union are excluded from the need to present a physical Mexican visa.

Those who have proof of permanent residency in those same countries are also exempt.

Tourists who entered the country by cruise ship can stay in the country for up to 7 days without presenting a physical visa.

Foreigners with permanent residence in Brazil have to request the mexican visa. You can check the list of countries that need permission to enter Mexico in the following link.

In this case, in addition to the documents mentioned above, it is necessary to present an original and a copy of the proof of legal office in Brazil (RNM).

How to get a visa in emergency cases?

The Embassy recommends that in cases where it is necessary to process an emergency visa, the person should contact the following email addresses:

  • Rio de Janeiro – tramitesrio@sre.gob.mx
  • São Paulo – aleconoscosp@sre.gob.mx
  • Brasília – consuladomexbra@sre.gob.mx

Write “VISA URGENTE” in the “Subject” field, indicating the date of travel and the name of the person applying for a Mexican visa.

*With information from Léo Lopes and Carolina Figueiredo

Source: CNN Brasil



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