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Mia Shem, 21, freed by Hamas, says her captors treated her kindly

Eight Israelis kidnapped by Hamas in the October 7 attack were released yesterday. Six people were released in the evening — five women and a teenager — while earlier a 21-year-old and a 40-year-old were released.

Specifically, the 8 that were released are the following:

  1. Shani Goren, 29
  2. Nili Margalit, 41
  3. Ilana Gritzewsky, 30
  4. Sapir Cohen, 29
  5. Bilal Zyadna, 18
  6. Aisha Zyadna, 16
  7. Mia Shem, 21
  8. Amit Soussana, 40

21-year-old Mia Sem is the French-Israeli which on October 16 appeared in a Hamas video to receive treatment in her hand. Mia Sem had been kidnapped from the Supernova music festival.

Hours after their release, Hamas released a video of the Israeli woman, in which she can be heard saying in English that her captors treated her kindly.

It is noted that since Friday, every afternoon at least 10 Israeli hostages – women and children – have been released in exchange for the release of three times the number of Palestinian prisoners.

Source: News Beast

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