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Michael Middleton turns 75: the most difficult birthday ever

Michael Middleton turned 75. One of his most difficult birthdays ever: for months in fact together with the wife Carole supports the eldest daughter, the Princess Kate, in his fight against cancer. Just in the past few days we saw Kate’s parents for the first time in public after their daughter’s diagnosis: Michael and Carole joined their son-in-law, Prince William, and other members of the royal family, on the second day of the most anticipated equestrian event, Royal Ascot. On the other hand, the two have always been present at the most important royal events (we also saw them, for example, at the coronation of King Charles) but above all they have always had an excellent relationship with their son-in-law, the future sovereign of England.

According to royal expert Tina Brown, From the beginning of his relationship with Kate, William “adopted” her parents. There are many episodes, even in the past, that confirm this bond of esteem and affection. One above all was Christmas 2012, when William spent the holiday at the Middleton house and not at Sandringham with the royal family. A decision that caused a sensation at the time: the prince had broken a tradition that seemed immutable. In these last difficult months, according to the British press, William and his in-laws have become even closer. Thanks to Michael and Carole, always alongside Kate and the little ones George, Charlotte and Louisthe prince manages to carry out his royal commitments with a certain tranquility.

In recent years the press has focused mainly on Carole, not always with flattering tones: William’s mother-in-law has often been portrayed as a vulgar, pushy social climber. Much less has been said about her husband Michael, however. But what do we know about him? Born in Leeds in 1949 to Peter Middleton and Valerie Glassborow, behind him a family of aristocratic descentafter graduating from the University of Surrey Michael he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, a Royal Air Force pilot. He then attended the British European Airways school, but since instead of flying the skies he preferred to stay on the ground he became flight switchboard operator. And so it was he met his future wife, Carole. The two married on June 21, 1980 at St. James’s Church in Buckinghamshire. Two years later Catherine, the future princess, was born, followed in 1983 by Pippa and in 1987 by James.

Michael and Carole, who reside in Bucklebury, Berkshire, they made their fortune in the 1980s thanks to the Party Pieces company, which sold party supplies and items. The company is now bankrupt and the parents of the Princess of Wales, who sold it in 2023, according to the British press, have a debt of over two million pounds. In the Middleton couple’s list of priorities, however, money definitely comes second to their daughter’s health. And this, for Michael, was certainly one of the most difficult birthdays ever.

Source: Vanity Fair

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