Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is a lifeboat in a storm

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MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor reiterated the benefits of Bitcoin. He has previously repeatedly praised the leading digital currency and reminded that his software company is one of the largest public holders of BTC. MicroStrategy will not sell Bitcoin even if the price falls below $10,000.

In an interview with CNN this week, Sailor called BTC a “lifeboat” in a storm. Cryptocurrency can save your capital during a time of global uncertainty and rising inflation.

The CEO of MicroStrategy said:

Bitcoin is a lifeboat during a storm at sea and gives hope to anyone who is ready to get off a sinking ship. We witnessed the birth of a new industry during the worst financial crisis of our lives.

Sailor once again emphasized that his company does not intend to sell cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin will outlive us all, and it cannot be classified as a financial bubble. It can be bought in small volumes for a long time. You can store cryptocurrency for your entire life and pass it on to the next generations, summarized Michael Saylor.

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