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Michael Saylor: Bitcoin price will rise to $10 million

Co-founder of technology giant MicroStrategy Michael Saylor believes that Bitcoin can give companies “economic immortality.” He announced this during a speech on a thematic podcast about cryptocurrency.

The entrepreneur declared the almost unlimited potential of Bitcoin. According to him, the asset price could exceed the $10 million mark. However, Saylor did not specify at least an approximate time frame for when this could happen.

The businessman also noted that Satoshi Nakamoto considered economics a pseudoscience, which immediately became outdated with the advent of the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin offers a complete transformation of the financial system and a manifold increase in the lifespan of companies, says Saylor. This asset is “perfectly a form of money,” he argues.

“The average lifespan of a corporation is about 10 years. […] You and I are talking about eliminating corporate mortality. About increasing economic vitality by 10 times, 100 times, maybe even a million times,” said the MicroStrategy co-founder.

In addition to discussing the economic potential, the businessman touched upon the topic of the use of crypto assets by Chinese citizens. Saylor has no doubt that the country’s government will accept Bitcoin as one of the main means of saving and payment.

The entrepreneur said that the entire Chinese people will use the first cryptocurrency in the future. This, in turn, will take Bitcoin to a new level of global adoption, Saylor said.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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