Michael Saylor: “investing in bitcoin is more profitable than early investments in technology stocks”


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MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor believes that investing in bitcoin is more attractive now than buying shares of technology companies in the early stages.

Sailor is confident that macroeconomic factors are driving the long-term growth of cryptocurrencies. Now a huge flow of money is pouring into cryptocurrencies. They are withdrawn from the foreign exchange market, stocks, bonds and invested in bitcoin.

“I invested in everything. I was an early investor in Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, OpenTable, eBay, and PayPal. And he made a lot of money. Increased investments ten, twenty times. And here’s what I want to say: investing in bitcoin looks much more attractive, “Sailor said in an interview with the author of the cryptocurrency YouTube channel MMCrypto.

Recall that in August, MicroStrategy became the first American public company to invest part of its assets in bitcoin. First, the company bought BTC for $ 250 million, and then bought additional coins for another $ 175 million. In December, MicroStrategy issued bonds in the amount of $ 650 million to buy even more bitcoins.

The total investment in the first cryptocurrency from MicroStrategy was $ 1.125 billion. Currently, the company holds 70,470 BTC, purchased at an average price of $ 15,964 per coin. Considering that Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 38,000, the company’s profit amounted to more than $ 1.5 billion.

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