A cryptocurrency analyst working at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange explained why investors should pay attention to altcoins now.

Michael van de Poppe called the current bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market strange: the Solana cryptocurrency showed good results, and Bitcoin rose to a record high level, which was before the halving and after the launch of spot BTC-ETFs in the United States. While many large altcoins remain silent. The trader suggested that a reversal would occur very soon.

“I went all-in on altcoins over a month ago and my strategy hasn’t changed. I think now is the right time to take on more risks,” the cryptanalyst declared.

The European Central Bank (ECB) announced a rate cut. This makes it more likely that the US Federal Reserve will do the same in the coming months, the trader believes. All this can lead to an influx of money into the market and increased liquidity.

The Ether Spot ETF is approved in the US, but the units are not yet trading. The analyst called the situation a vacuum with no price action as Forms 19B-4 were approved but Forms S-1 were not. The trader drew a parallel with the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in January, which initially did not provide positive price action, but led to significant gains in the crypto market after these financial products began trading on stock exchanges.

Once ETH spot ETFs begin trading in the US in late June or early July, traders will begin to use a “sell the rumors and buy the news” strategy, after which altcoins will go up, the analyst said. With the advent of spot ETH-ETFs, the majority of venture capital investment will be directed into the Ethereum ecosystem, believes an experienced trader.

Recently, Michael van de Popp named several altcoins that he believes can bring investors multiple returns. Earlier, the cryptanalyst said that the banking crisis will contribute to the growth of Bitcoin.