Michela Giraud: “What is love”

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This article is published in number 48 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until December 7, 2021.

At some point, around the middle of Lol, Michela Giraud had taken the stage and started singing a song entitled The crazy mignottone. He talked about that phase in which you are left behind and on social networks you try in every way to get noticed by the one who left you, and so you are a bit high school, a bit undressed: “I made a story with the breasts of outside / A coat and glasses that looked like Brunori / Another indifferent type of “zero grudges” / But inside I thought “maybe he died” ». He was talking about her, he was talking about us. The crazy mignottone it has become – to a certain extent – a way of speaking, a metaphor for that disordered state of mind that translates into embarrassing gestures through Instagram story, but it is also the perfect example of Michela Giraud’s comedy, one who draws from her life she analyzes the most problematic experiences, analyzes them, re-elaborates them and spits them out in the form of monologues in which she is mainly herself to be teased.

Monologues appreciated by the niche and then also by the general public thanks to the sudden success of Lol. And so, overnight, Michela Giraud became a living hashtag, a trending topic on Twitter, and above all she found that explosive thing called popularity in her hands. A few weeks ago his name had invaded the social message boards again with a new monologue, recited at the Hyenas, this time on the “right to suck” against hater and bodyshaming. So what does it do to us in a program like Once upon a time there was love, in which some couples in crisis decide whether to go on or not?

Serious host in a serious program. What happens?
«It has little to do with what I did but I really like to throw myself into it, I wanted to experiment with serious management, it is useful to have many different skills: actress, comedian, presenter. And it is important to explore plan B ».

Why this plan B? Plan A is going well.
«To rest my head: comedy is tiring, sometimes unpleasant. If you don’t take a break from the need to always be brilliant, always on the spot, you go crazy. Comedy arises from the compression of an apparently linear life, but if you never live life because you are always writing monologues, the whole mechanism stops working ».

So she started talking to couples in crisis.
«It was a tiring experience, I was in Milan and I spent the days with these people who arrived bringing painful experiences, I absorbed everything and then returned to the hotel. But I had the great opportunity to talk to people I would never know in my life, for geographical, work, cultural reasons. For once I came out of my bubble, made up of average educated people who read International and all think in the same way, those who put themselves on the side of the “good ones” ».

What’s out of the bubble?
“Men, for example, who say: I don’t want my girlfriend to leave the house unglued. In my world it is a blasphemy, but it is only mine, our world, very limited ».

Did you learn anything about love?
“It was instructive to see yourself in some stories, that distressing feeling you get when you know you are losing the other person and you can’t do anything about it, knowing that the story is over but you don’t have the courage to tell it.”

There is also a psychotherapist in the program.
“Well yes, I listen but everyone does their job. I am still part of that category of people who listen to doctors ».

Do you go to psychotherapy?
“How could I not do it? Of course, I say it without problems, it is important to take charge of your mental health. Then with this work it became indispensable ».

“I do a job in which I expose myself continuously, I am photographed, judged, quoted constantly … an anxiety this thing that I say a sentence and then I see it bouncing on social media with my face on it. With Lol I have had significant overexposure and therefore need psychological support. And it’s okay that I’ve always wanted this passage to the general public, but it’s a totally new thing for me ».

What’s the worst part about overexposure?
«It’s like having passed to the other side… before I wrote comments without thinking about it, in fact my nightmare is that someone will come up with that time I spoke badly – I don’t know – about Selvaggia Lucarelli and I don’t even remember it. Help! Now I feel the judgment on me, I see how bitter people are putting into the comments, which was the spark of the monologue on the right to suck. “

Let’s talk about.
“I hold onto this right, I really believe in it, those who follow me know that I make stories on Instagram in my pajamas, with runny make-up and I don’t want to buy the ring, the lights to make videos on social media, I don’t even think about it how to dress “.

How does it keep the right to suck and overexposure together?
«I try to deal with overexposure while maintaining clarity. Because if you start to think that your problem is that you didn’t look good in a photo or that they took you in standard class instead of business, then you are done, you are stupid, you have lost touch with reality. Then I always look for the contradictory, because even being in an environment in which everyone agrees is very dangerous: you close in on yourself and the world no longer fascinates you ».


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