Michele Morrone at the Red Sea International Film Festival 2022: «When I dreamed of being Harry Potter»

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To explain why Michael Morrone chose to make cinema we must start from Harry Potter. «When I saw the film for the first time I fell madly in love with that world because I would have liked to be inside that story, to be part of the cast. I wanted to do magic”says Morrone in the Vanity Fair Lounge set up in the heart of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, headquarters of the second edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival. While photographer Sebastian Kim continues to photograph celebrities for our exclusive portfolio – from Sharon Stone to Priyanka Chopra, from Scott Eastwood to Freida Pinto – Michele Morrone spends a few minutes on the white sofa with us to talk about cinema and, of course, of magic, since for him there can’t be one without the other.

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“Cinema is life. I started acting when I was 9/10 years old in a small theater in the village where I lived at the time, namely Melegnano. From that moment I fell in love with cinema because for me cinema was the best way to create magic. We human beings are not able to evoke it, but cinema can», confides Michele Morrone adjusting the cuffs of the black shirt he is wearing and occasionally rubbing the rings he fits on his hands – one of which is in the shape of a skull -. “Cinema is a very strong art but also a little sneaky, but it’s beautiful for this”, continues the actor, thanks to the success of the trilogy of 365 days, the saga inspired by the novels of Blanka Lipińska which, thanks to Netflix, has transformed him into a world star, and always with an eye to the future and, precisely, to the magic that she hopes to caress every time the camera turns on him .

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images
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“When I saw Harry Potter for the first time I knew that the only way to experience the atmosphere that was breathed in that film was to make cinema»explains Morrone who, at this point in his career – almost 16 million followers on Instagram, the role of testimonial for major brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Guess, the music and a series of new international projects on which the utmost secrecy still applies – he can be said to be satisfied, but with reservations. “I’ll always need to get high on magic. I’ll be full when I’m dead», he pronounces, recognizing a certain dark inclination in him. I ask him where it comes from: «It’s something I can’t explain. There is always a fascination in what we cannot see and hear. There are people who let themselves be frightened by the mystery and others who let themselves be courted: I let myself be courted», Michele Morrone makes it clear, who will not fear the mystery, but something else will. What, you say? “Death and the Sharks”. Certain that we will never see his physique sculpted by Praxiteles leave the waters near Capetown.

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