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Michele Rosiello: «Low flight»

Michele Rosiello does not give too much weight to the horoscope even if, for some time, he has been conducting very close investigations to discover his influence. “I’m from Aquarius, but my mother is vague about the time of conception. I believe, however, that it could be Cancer », says Michele who, in Astrological guide for broken hearts, the Netflix series that sees him as the protagonist, juggles with the zodiac signs and the first thrusts of love. Davide, his character, the new creative director of a private television station in search of plays, is a mix between «Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in Bridget Jones», A shy and reserved man who, with Rosiello, has in common the fact that he privileges silence in order to let the others speak. “Alice is the only one able to make him drop his mask and make him smile”, insists Michele who, in his career, has worked, among others, with Ettore Scola and Daniele Vicari.

At a guess, Davide also seems to me a bit of a fan. Is she in life?
“For nothing. I often play the role of beauty, but I don’t recognize myself very much because I am very reserved, low-flying. More than thinking about myself, I worry that others are well: if my family and my partner have no problems, I can say that I am calm ».

The way of acting, in his case, came by chance: first he graduated in Management Engineering.
“During university I used to make videos with my friends for fun but, over time, this thing has grown more and more and made me realize that, perhaps, I should try. I attended an acting course in Naples, my city, after which I was taken to the Volontè in Rome until my film debut with Scola ».

A debut of “weight”. Was he anxious?
“Enough. It was the first important thing I did, I was not yet very good with the auditions and the rest, but it was a fundamental training ground, also because I have always been fond of cinema with a capital “c” ».

What did he want to become as a child?
“An inventor. Then I moved on to football, even if it wasn’t for me, and finally to numbers, since I was good at math. Cinema came as a game: at first I was undecided on which path to take between that of the director and the actor. At the moment directing remains a hobby, I carry ideas forward. We’ll see if, one day, they can take a more concrete direction ».

Who would you like to direct?
“My partner Denise Capezza, whom I know deeply. I think I would be able to bring out what it has inside because I would know which strings to touch. Every now and then, jokingly, we talk about it. We met on the set of Gomorrah but, since then, we have not worked together anymore ».

As an actor, on the other hand, who would you like to be directed by?
«Dreaming big, I would say Martin Scorsese, Paolo Sorrentino, who has a truly unique way of mastering the camera, and Pietro Marcello. I find Martin Eden a beautiful film “.

What is your greatest talent?
«Humility and listening. I believe I have a sensitivity that allows me to perceive people first ».


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