Michelle Hunziker defends privacy with her new love, Giovanni Angiolini

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Michelle Hunziker does not send them to say. While answering questions from fans in the stories of Instagram he is very firmly protecting his private person, in particular the relationship with the 41-year-old orthopedic surgeon of Olbia Giovanni Angiolini (elected in 2018 as the most beautiful doctor in Italy). The doctor he also participated as a Big Brother contestant in 2015 but he had to leave the most spied-on house in the country because the graduate school required compulsory attendance. Angiolini, to enter the Porta Rossa, closed a 13-year long story, in the reality show he flirted with Mary Falconieri but the story did not last, like the one with the Spanish model Nieves Bolos.

So here is what Michelle Hunziker replied to those who accused her of seeming untrue because it does not share anything about itself: “I usually share everything I have elaborated, lived and metabolized until it can help others not to commit the same mistakes as mine or transmit something positive, I am not elusive, absolutely, as I said before, part of a woman’s growth and emancipation is also taking the freedom to experience different things without having to justify oneself“.

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Photos of romantic holidays for two on the Costa Smeralda on the dinghy they were “stolen” by the paparazzi. The showgirl stopped by her boyfriend after a trip to the Aeolian Islands with her friends while he was in Berlin for a business event. Michelle Hunziker, mother of Aurora (daughter of Eros Ramazzotti) and her children (Celeste and Sole, born from the marriage with Tomaso Trussardi), relaxes before next season on tv. According to the first rumors, he would return to support Gerry Scotti on Canale 5 in the satirical news Strip the newswaiting to shoot the second chapter of his show Michelle Impossible.

Meanwhile Aurora Ramazzotti conducted the free concert LoveMi organized by Fedez in Milan on June 28th. The young woman participated with her mother in the new video of her father, Ama, demonstrating how his parents finally managed to become friends again. Tomaso Trussardi, on the other hand, alternates photos of the two girls and his beloved dog, Odin, on social media (who for the record has his own account with over 34,000 fans).

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Source: Vanity Fair

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