Michelle Hunziker shines in pink for her birthday. But guests prefer black

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What can be better than a beautiful dinner with friends to celebrate your own birthday? The new 46-year-old thinks so Michelle Hunzikerwhich has decided to celebrate its 46th spring – the presenter was born on January 24, 1977 in Sorengo, in Italian-speaking Switzerland – surrounded by the affection of relatives and friends in a Milanese restaurant.

The sober will be a statement of optimism overcoat chosen, in a bright shocking pinkworn over a sober suit black, as if to say: time passes, I’m about to become a grandmother, but look at me, aren’t I still wonderful? If this were the implied question, our answer would undoubtedly be: yes, you are.

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Michelle Hunziker with her daughters Sole and Celeste. Ipa photo.

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Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency / ipa-agency.net

Party look also for friendsi with which the future grandmother has decided to surround herself in this moment of celebrations. Starting with Ilary Blasi, in a total black mini dress with flashes of sequins and white pointy boots, in stark contrast. Her most appropriate accessory? A smile that silently tells many things.

Ilary Blasi. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net

Total black also for the daughter and future mother Aurora Ramazzotti, warmed by a black duvet under which she does not give up a beautiful neckline enriched by a shower of lucky charms. The companion is sober but scravated Godfrey Cerza.

Goffredo Cerza and Aurora Ramazzotti. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net

The presence of has not gone unnoticed Thomas Zorzialso in black, but with an outfit enriched by a showy stole in echo fur with recognizable logo. Equally recognizable is the precious white shoulder strap.

Tommaso Zorzi. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net

Shabby chic look with a hippie flavor for another future mother invited to Michelle Hunziker’s party, that is Nina Zilli, with a grandma’s blanket-effect knit coat, in shades of purple. Touches of faux fur here and there for her too; instead the look of the companion is dedicated to comfort Teeth.

Nina Zilli and her boyfriend Daniele Lazzarin, aka Danti. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net

Sporty and black too Alvinwhich is however noted thanks to the beanies fluorescent orange.

Alvin. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net

A decisive touch of red for the coat by Will be Danielwhich thus revives the decisive black leather suit, to which he adds a black tie also to reinforce the concept of glamorous mannish.

Sarah Daniel. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net

They teach sobriety classes Serene Drivers and her partner Enrico Griselli: in a white shirt and impeccable black trouser suit for her, even for him in a tuxedo (so no, a dress code we deduce that it had not been communicated to the guests).

Serena Autieri and her husband Enrico Griselli. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net

Tuxedo mate Nicholas Savinoin perfect combination with his partner Manuela, who also plays with the clean linearity of volumes defined in black and white.

Nicola Savino with his wife Manuela Suma. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net

Total black also for Michelle’s mother, Ineke. From which we understand that smile, sympathy and style are obviously hereditary.

Ineke, Michelle Hunziker’s mother, with a friend. Ipa photo.

Manuele Mangiarotti / ipa-agency.net
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Source: Vanity Fair

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