Michelle Hunziker, with Tomaso Trussardi for her daughter’s birthday: “Saving beauty”

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Close and smiling, behind theirs two little girlsbetween colored balloons and a giant cake. Michelle Hunziker And Tomaso Trussardi they got together – for the first time in public since the announcement of the separation – on the occasion of the seventh birthday of their second child, Heavenly. A perfectly familiar picture on line with the latest statements of the presenter about the current relationship with ex-husband.

“I believe that parental couples never really separate, ”said Michelle in an interview with the weekly Who. «We will have to be good at save the beautiful for the good of the girls and also for our“. The route to follow, she has it clear in her head: «I want now forgive me and forgive him. Do not dig up, but understand that this is it the moment we are and we have to face it with loveHe adds, speaking in the plural.

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And in the plural he also spoke in tender post published on social network to celebrate the little one Chickpea: «Our latest masterpiece it grows inexorably », we read in the margin of a photo. “OurPrecisely, as if to remark family union that will continue beyond the separation, a ready relationship to evolve in new forms: «I love Tomaso so much e I will always want it»Said a month ago a very true.

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“A separation it is a mourninghowever it also represents a new beginningeven if it makes you feel like one failed“. Here is the need to forgive oneself, to let go of tensions and keep the coupon. And Michelle – fresh from the success of hers television show and from vacation in the Maldives along with her daughters – appears to be on right way: «With Tomaso they were ten wonderful years, with two wonderful daughters. This is to be saved“.

The beautifulprecisely.

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